Our boarding and daycare requirements are as follows:

  • Your dog must be dog friendly and socialized
  • Must be in good health (no fleas, ticks or contagious illness)
  • Be spayed or neutered (over 6 months old)
  • Be on a preventative flea medicine (April – October)
  • Have required vaccinations (kennel cough, rabies and distemper)
  • Be over 4 months of age.

To protect every Dog at Stay & Play, we require proof of up-to-date shots. Distemper (DHLPP), Rabies, Kennel Cough (Bordetella). Kennel Cough needs be administered at least 14 days before your visit.

How is Stay & Play different from other kennels & dog daycare facilities?

Our facility is cage-free all day long. We take fewer dogs than most facilities so that we can provide the best care for your dog. We do our best to know every dog by name and know their likes and dislikes. We take pride in customizing your dog’s care when they come to play with us at Stay & Play. This provides a more intimate experience for your pet and makes them feel they are at their home-away-from-home.

What happens if there is a dog fight at daycare?

While we do everything we can to invite only friendly, well-socialized, and well-behaved dogs to Dog Day Care. Please remember that dogs use their teeth and paws when they play and wrestle; therefore minor scratches or scrapes are considered normal. On occasion normal play between dogs can quickly escalate towards aggression. We use squirt bottles of water or noisemakers to prevent any escalated play from becoming aggressive. If however your dog is injured while playing at Dog Day Care, we will notify you immediately and transport your pet to the nearest veterinarian if needed. If your dog directly injures another dog while at Dog Day Care that requires medical attention, you will be held responsible for the injured dogs vet bill and depending on the circumstances your dog may not be allowed back at Dog Day Care until a trainer has evaluated him/her.

Can my dog get hurt?

When dogs play they use their mouths and paws. Occasionally play goes too far and a dog can end up with a minor injury. It is very similar to children on a school playground where kids may inadvertently get scrapes, scratches and bruises. However, Stay & Play always tries to keep the play areas supervised and we are constantly assessing your dog’s overall health while they are in our care. In the event your dog is injured or shows signs of illness, they will be assessed immediately and treated onsite as necessary. At this point, one of our staff members will try contacting the owner (or emergency contact as necessary) to discuss the situation and options. If urgent care is needed and the owner or emergency contact cannot be reached we will take the dog to an available Veterinarian office. The health and safety of all the dogs at Stay & Play comes first and we will always err on the side of caution when it comes to their well being.

Is there an age limit for dogs?

Stay & Play tries to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of all types and ages of dogs. Some older Dogs would be more comfortable resting more of the day. If you advise us of this or we find this through observation, we may have your senior sit out from some of the activities. We are happy to give him more people time and fewer playtimes.

What are your spay/neuter & vaccination requirements?

We require a hard copy of your dog’s current vaccinations, which need to include Rabies, Distemper (sometimes known as DHLP or DHLLP), and 6-month or yearly Bordetella (whichever your Vet recommends) for kennel cough. All dogs 6 months and older must be spayed or neutered.

Do you require a temperament test before I can make reservations for my dog?

Yes, we require a temperament test at least 24 hours before you make a reservation. We are a cage-free environment and must evaluate each dog’s behavior to ensure a safe experience for each pet. Please call to make an appointment for this complimentary test.

Why is a Temperament Test required?

A temperament test in which we evaluate each dog’s behavior in this environment is given before accepting new Dogs. Evaluations must be scheduled and completed at least 24 hours before a boarding reservation can be made. We use a gradual introduction to the pack for all new dogs in order to provide a secure setting for assessments. The temperament test is by appointment only.

Is daycare a good idea for my dog?

Dog Daycare is a great way for your dog to learn their canine manners and how to socialize with a pack of dogs. The socialization of your pup is beneficial in many ways. A well stimulated and socialized dog is more confident and obedient. Dogs often misbehave out of boredom and lack of exercise, so a dog daycare is the perfect solution for energy release. It also allows working parents’ peace of mind that your pups are well taken care of during a long weekday.

Can I call to check on my Dog?

Certainly, our staff will inform you of how well your dog is doing. We will call you back if we miss your call.

Do I need a reservation for Day Play or Boarding?

Day Play does not require reservations. Boarding will require at least 24 hours notice but make sure to book early especially during summer and holidays.