If work or a vacation takes you away from home, our all suite boarding is like a vacation for your Dog. Stay & Play provides a non-traditional boarding experience, incorporating a cage-free environment for over twelve hours of play with non-stop human interaction throughout the day.

No overcrowded, concrete floor kennels with barking, pacing. Our camera system monitors audio as well as video so we are not out of touch with our guests.

Each boarder is provided with a spacious suite in which they can comfortably sleep and eat undisturbed. We provide cushioned flooring, heat, air conditioning, orthopedic or raised hammock beds and a bedtime snack. We provide each boarder with individual drinking and feeding bowls in order to enhance their dining experience. You are welcome to bring your own beds and blanket etc. from home for their suite to make your pup’s stay more comfortable.

Best of all, Day Play IS INCLUDED in boarding ($26 value) so days will be spent playing with friends, not barking and pacing in a kennel. Our boarders play with playgroups based on their size or temperament. Due to this “open” boarding experience, we only accept dogs that are able to socialize in a positive manner with our other guests.


We ask that each boarder bring their own food, labeled in individual zip lock bags or a re-sealable container (*with amount specific directions) so we can keep their diet as normal as possible. We have found this helps a great deal as switching foods all at once can bother a dog’s digestive system. We can manage most special feeding requirements with detailed instructions upon drop off.


We can administer most oral pills as required. We need to know any food allergies up front to make sure the pill pockets or peanut butter we use will not lead to allergies.

We request all dogs to be dropped off as soon as possible after 7 AM the day of boarding. This gives the dog more time to acclimate to the environment and become more comfortable.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy:

We request the full amount at the time of. Last minute or frequent cancellations may result in loss of deposit or the ability to book for future boarding.

Basic Requirements:

All dogs must pass the required temperament test before making a reservation; temperament tests are by appointment only and are complimentary. All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 8 months and be current on all vaccinations including Rabies, Distempter (DHLPP), and Bordetella and also on a current flea prevention (April-November).